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Jay M. Harrison is a writer as well as a creative consultant at DesignConcept, a graphic design and editorial services firm. His political background comes from observing the inner workings of government as a press officer for a big city mayor. When he lived in Annapolis, he had the ideal vantage point from which to witness the human flotsam that floats through that capital town, and he wrote his first mystery novel, Head Above Water. Now he lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has completed a new mystery novel, Rio Puerco Demise, featuring an aerial photography pilot by the name of Eli Moses. And yes, he realizes that sounds very biblical but it wasn’t his choice. Moses flies over the Ojito Wilderness looking for photo opportunities when he spots what he first thinks is a petrified log. Turns out he’s dead wrong.

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Plot Summaries

Everyone daydreams about having enough money to be financially independent, free to do whatever you want. Amos Hatch has done it, thanks to the tech boom of the 90s. Head Above Water introduces a nice-guy millionaire who has turned his passion for architectural ornament into successful businesses. Even sweeter, he lives aboard a deluxe motoryacht. Life is uncomplicated until a dead man bangs into his boat and the deceased’s widow wants Hatch to find out how the body ended up the creek. From that point on, this accidental detective learns that when a lobbyist is killed, just about everyone has a motive. If that wasn’t enough, a remarkable confluence of cultures and screwballs could swamp Hatch’s fledgling stint as detective.

The newest mystery novel, Rio Puerco Demise, features Eli Moses (he knows…it’s very biblical) who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Formerly a graphic designer, the loss of his wife encourages Moses to try out new wings – literally, by learning to pilot his own airplane and start a new career as an aerial photographer. While flying very low over the Rio Puerco valley near the iconic Cabezon volcanic plug, Moses spots what he thinks is a petrified log. Driving far out into the Ojito Wilderness to take a closer look, it turns out he’s dead wrong.

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How to Order the Books

You can order the Kindle or paperback version of Head Above Water at Amazon by clicking here.

You can order the Kindle or paperback version of Rio Puerco Demise at Amazon by clicking here.

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